Nicole Coglianese

Nicole Coglianese is a certified yoga, aerial yoga, and Pilates instructor with an eclectic background in business, social sciences, education, and law. Nicole recently returned to Saint Louis by way of Houston and Austin, TX. While in Texas, Nicole completed her Pilates and yoga certifications and taught full-time as she furthered her education on movement and the body. Through her continued education, Nicole discovered volunteer opportunities that deepened her understanding of movement and the countless mental and physical benefits it brings to those who practice it. Nicole is honored to share what she has learned and grateful to continue growing alongside those who attend her classes. 

Nicole offers in-studio private sessions as well as Reformer Pilates group classes designed to challenge your body and mind. You can find Nicole around St Louis at her fitness-based events and classes. For more information, please check out and follow Citra’s socials. FB: @citrafitness IG: @citra_fitness_and_movement