Kiener Plaza

Get up and go, STL! Sunrise Yoga and Bootcamp in downtown St. Louis at Kiener Plaza. 

Laumeier Sculpture Park

Get into the flow at Laumeier Sculpture Park with a 90-minute evening yoga practice in the midst of art and nature. Expand your mind-body connection as you purge stagnant energies and thought patterns with bright Full Moon energy.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are designed to align your body and help you reach your movement and fitness goals.

St. Louis' Exclusive

Reformer Pilates and Jumpboard Studio

Reform is a unique hybrid of classical and high-intensity Pilates that focuses on defining, lengthening, and toning larger muscle groups while strengthening smaller stabilizing muscles. Jumpboard is a dynamic and invigorating practice incorporating cardiovascular and plyometric work on a reformer. Reform and Jumpboard are both offered as private classes. 

Mighty Kind

Extend your zen – use promo code to “Citra15” for a 15% off when you order Mighty Kind Products online.


What people are saying about us
  • Working with Citra has been absolutely empowering in my journey to lifetime mobility. I began this journey with loose ligaments and hypermobility and have gotten stronger and more confident. Nicole, my instructor, offers regular queuing and feedback. She makes sure my form is right so that I don’t injure myself. She listens to how I am feeling and adjusts the workouts accordingly. I am so thankful for Citra and Nicole in my life.

  • I have been taking private reformer Pilates instruction with Nicole for several months now, and can, without reservation, give her my whole-hearted endorsement.

    Pilates itself is fascinating, and learning about the reformer and the different ways my body can stretch and move and bend is equally fascinating. Nicole is an absolute delight to work with, and her obvious joy in helping people figure out how to move in their bodies is downright restorative to my soul. The best thing is that Nicole meets me where I am, offers me new ways to challenge myself in alignment with my goals and then listens to how I respond both mentally and physically, and adapts her approach from there. Do recommend, even for those with non “yoga-type” bodies and/or previous yoga or Pilates experience.

  • Nicole is extremely knowledgeable and great at what she does. Highly recommend! She also does free outdoor yoga classes for the public.

  • I’ve been going to classes at Citra for a month or two now and absolutely love it; I take both aerial yoga classes and Reform Pilates classes from Nicole. Nicole is a truly wonderful movement instructor whose background in so many styles of movement/fitness have made her really well-rounded and attuned to her students’ different needs — I always feel like her instruction can guide me to stretch or strengthen in new ways.

    I also want to note how this has “reformed” (sorry) my view of Pilates, which usually brings with it impressions of wealth/inaccessibility. Nicole’s Pilates classes have been down to earth and very focused on natural movements. I love that Nicole is doing this!

  • Nicole is a thorough and amazing teacher! Best studio ever!

  • It feels like Nicole truly takes an interest in her clients and want to push them to their potential. The studio is cool and clean with a great view of St. Louis, good music and an adorable cat. It’s an incredible, healthy respite from this absolutely disastrous year.

  • Absolutely amazing!! In every aspect in every way. Of course, Nicole is a phenomenal teacher and instructor. Definitely an experience I will recommend time and time again!

  • You are undoubtedly in for one, a fantastic workout and dually an engaging, therapeutic experience.
    Proprietor and instructor Nicole Coglianese and her staff are absolute experts in the field, and likewise warmly personable and inviting.
    First-class facility, and even better staff!
  • While I wasn’t new to pilates or yoga all together, I was completely new to Reformer pilates and aerial yoga. Nicole and the instructors she has selected are simply phenomenal. Each class is challenging, but they work with students at different levels to ensure they’re moving safely. If you’re extra nervous, Nicole offers private sessions you can try. I never thought I’d be sharing pictures of myself in aerial inversions on social media, but here I am! And my message is that if I can do it, so can you. This studio has made such an impact on my physical and mental health during a very difficult year.

  • Nicole is an amazing instructor and flawlessly tailors the class to her participants. This was my first time doing arial yoga and she made me feel so comfortable and confident. Highly recommend to EVERYONE to experience this class and amazing teacher at least once! 

  • I loooooved this class!! The space is beautiful and Nicole is such a warm and welcoming teacher. It was my first time doing aerial yoga and she was able to explain movements in detail The class was so fun!


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